Intrepid Technology, Inc.

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Intrepid Technology, Inc. is a consulting and contracting company providing services in software development and project management.


Software Development

Intrepid is committed to software development technologies. Experience, as well as expertise, in software engineering and project management helped our customers create better and more reliable products. We provide a wide range of services in many areas of software and system technologies.

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Intrepid is also a maintainer of GNU UPC, a GCC extension that implements Unified Parallel C (UPC). UPC is an explicit parallel extension of ANSI C and is based on the partitioned global address space programming model, also known as the distributed shared memory programming model. UPC keeps the powerful concepts and features of C and adds parallelism; global memory access with an understanding of what is remote and what is local; and the ability to read and write remote memory with simple statements.

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