Development Tools

Unified parallel compiler for High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms based on GNU GCC development toolset. It is optimized to run on on many architectures (x86_64, i386, Arm, PowerPC) and platforms (Cray, linux clusters, ...). Generated code targets various runtimes developed by Intrepid, as well as Berkeley UPC runtime and toolset. More info can be found at GNU UPC website.
Clang UPC
Unified Parallel C compiler based on Clang/LLVM development toolset. Runs on the same architectures and machines as GNU UPC. More info can be found in the Intrepid's GITHUB repository. Generated code targets various runtimes developed by Intrepid, as well as Berkeley UPC runtime and toolset.
HPC High Performance Runtimes
High performance runtimes that support various system architectures and connectives were developed in conjunction with GNU and Clang UPC compiles. Runtimes supporting SMP (symmetrical multiprocessing), Infiniband Portals4 library, and Infiniband Libfabric are developed and supported.
GNU gcc, g++ development environments for MIPS and RH32 processors
Complete development environments for MIPS, RH32, and PowerPC for Ada based projects
Source to source translators: Pascal to C/Ada, UPC to C
File Converters Elf, Coff, Vox, Omf 386
Architectural processor simulators: PowerPC, MIPS, RH32
Debuggers DWARF 2 reader for GNU gdb debugger, embedded target remote interfaces

Embedded Systems

Design and implementation of a popular real-time OS, VRTX
Designed a multiprocessing embedded system with task migration and on-line processor add/removal
Port of the Wind River VxWorks real-time development system to the Silicon Graphics platform
Full BSD TCP/IP protocol stack implementation for an embedded application
Numerous networking drivers for various real-time embedded systems
Distributed data acquisition system using cellular telephone technology
Real- time data acquisition on Linux platform with specialized boards and drivers for video editing

Operating Systems

POSIX threads for Silicon Graphics machines, multiplexes threads over a number of lightweight processes that allowed threads to execute in parallel on multiprocessing machines. Became part of the standard SGI IRIX OS
Device drivers, Linux & Unix

Internet Technologies

Apache server. Extensive SSI, CGI development. Apache PHP extensive programming, forums, password protected pages, virtual stores
Apache server to mySQL database, membership verification database, password protected sites
Joomla CMS and templating
Bootstrap based website development

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